Sunday, December 05, 2004

New Gallery: NCAA V-ball Tournament Rnd Two

15th-ranked UCLA defeated Cal State Long Beach in the second round of the NCAA tournament and will be advancing to the Sweet Sixteen next weekend.

I'm continually amazed by the level of play in these games. These girls are awesome. They compete and thrill and inspire without any asteriks - none of this "...for a girl" crap. They're just damn good and damn impressive. Most importantly they have that edge - that look in their eyes that tells you they're deadly serious competitors.

My photographic timing and technique improved enough to finally start capturing some digs. Spikes are actually pretty easy to catch. It's everything else that's tough.

This gallery is still a work-in-progress, but there are quite a number of shots already up (though I'm not happy with the brightness level. Grr. That means re-tweaking in Photoshop).


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