Thursday, July 20, 2006

Accounting for myself: am I really that busy?

Let's see now:

I'm taking three classes which incur a total of 13.5 hrs of class time each week.

I'm using my vacation days from work to take 1.5 days off each week in order to attend my morning/afternoon classes and do my shoulder rehab. That leaves me with 28 hrs of work as opposed to the usual 40.

I'm doing my 2 hr shoulder rehab/strength twice a week for a total of 4 hrs.

I have shoulder stretches that take me about 45 min that I'm supposed to do every day but only do about four times a week so that's another 3 hrs total.

I'm running twice a week. Between stretching, running, and showering it takes about 1.5 hrs, so that's 3 hrs per week.

I'm reading a Jane Austen novel each week for one of my classes. That averages about 12 hrs a week.

The reading for my English Literature survey class takes about 2-3 hrs per class, three classes per week. Call it 7.5 hrs total.

The reading for my third class varies, but I skimp on it so only give it 5 hrs each week.

Most weeks include writing essays, studying for exams/quizzes, etc. Add about 9 hrs.

Travelling to and from UCLA takes 45 min four days a week: 3 hrs.

Walking about UCLA's campus eats up about 30 min each of those four days: 2 hrs.

Downtime due to inefficient use of time (e.g. arriving ten minutes early to class, poor planning, etc) probably eats up at least 30 min each of the four days I'm at UCLA: 2 hrs.

Eating three meals takes up a total of 1.5 hrs every day. Add another two hours for having dinner with friends once a week: 12.5 hrs.

Waking up in the morning takes me 45 minutes to shower and get ready: 5.25 hrs.

Weekend v-ball is a huge time commitment (which lately has been sacrificed), but I've gotta have some fun: 5 hrs.

Sunday trips to the gymnastics park are another expensive luxury: 6 hrs.

I'd like to sleep at least 7 hrs each night: 49 hrs.

Even still, I find myself taking various naps or falling asleep while reading. Say 30 min about 4 times a week: 2 hrs.

So my weekly hourly total is: 171.75 hrs/week

There are 168 hours in a week.

Activity Breakdown:
51 hrs Sleeping: 30%
47 hrs Classwork: 27%
28 hrs Work: 16%
13 hrs Fun: 7.5%
10.5 hrs Eating: 6%
10 hrs Rehab/Training: 5.8%