Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Writer's Strike: Studios know there's money to be made online

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner has called the writer's strike "stupid" because it's partially over online revenue. He says revenue from online sources (iTunes sales, free content streams supported by ads, etc) are in fact "a nonexistent (revenue) flow." He criticizes the writers for sacrificing "today's money for a nonexistent piece of the future."

Is that true?

The studios are telling the writers that online biz is too new and too fluid to lock down a deal for writers. They're not even sure if it'll even be profitable.

Let's hear it in their own words:

The studio heads are happy to assure their shareholders that there are riches to be made online, but they stake a completely different claim when negotiating with their business partners--writers. That's where the "bad faith" accusation comes in to these talks.

"Bad faith" is a kind assessment.

I'd go with "total assholes," personally.


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