Monday, December 06, 2004

Breaking the 150lb barrier

Since June I've been tracking my weight and body fat percentage (bfp) to measure the effects of my running and improved eating habits (use the navigation tabs at the bottom of the chart to see the different graphs).

Sadly my bfp doesn't seem to be changing much - though the tallies vary so widely that I'm not sure my scale is providing any meaningful data. My rate of bfp change is a paltry -0.0008, meaning that after 100 days I'll only shave 0.08% off my total.

But surprisingly my weight has kept dropping. My rate of change over the last five and a half months is -0.0333, meaning I'm losing 1/3 of a pound every ten days. And this morning - for the first time in about eleven years - I was below 150lbs.

A while ago I had set a goal of 145lbs. I think I can reach it, but I'm going to start spending more time on strength, so I'm guessing ~150lbs will be my steady-state.


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