Monday, January 10, 2005

Oregon State Daily Barometer; Can AP be far behind?

One of my photos from Friday's gymnastics meet was indeed used in today's edition of the Oregon State Daily Barometer.

The Daily Barometer photo editor was utterly professional. I received exactly zero emails from him, zero answers to the questions I asked regarding image format, zero confirmation that they had downloaded the full-resolution images I provided for them on my Webserver (my Apache logs were kind enough to confirm that for me), and no assurance whatsoever that they would send me a copy of the paper (which constituted the entire sum of my photographer's "fee").

Nor was I surprised.

Also note that the photograper credit reads "contributed photo". Wow, it's like having my name up in big lights...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That all aside, what a FANTASTIC picture!! That amazing camera with it's incredible speed captured a sharp, unbelievable shot!

Tue Jan 11, 09:40:00 PM CST  

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