Friday, March 11, 2005

Day Four: Where's the form?

Thursday I targetted the varsity and JV parallel bars team. They all compete a variation on the same trick, called a cut-catch. Except none of them do it right. And all of them bend their knees and get further deductions.

So we worked the cuts - sometimes focusing on proper technique, sometimes on good form. It was amazing that about eight of the ten guys just couldn't do anything with good form. I told them I didn't even care if they made the trick, just don't bend their damn knees! And they still couldn't do it! Drove me crazy.

Eventually a few of them got the idea. And overall the cuts are better now. But a long way is left to go.

Then I went out to Floor Ex. Nobody had told the floor guys how to present their routines, to show them off and eliminate any awkward or inelegant moments. I did a simple press to handstand - but with proper presentation - and they were blown away. The press was nice enough, but it was the transitions into and out of the press that made the whole thing sing.

I decided that Friday we'd spend more time on this with the whole Floor Ex team.


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