Thursday, November 17, 2005

Trying out a new living room configuration

I've been slowly coming to terms with the fact that my couch just isn't all that comfortable. It just doesn't give enough lumbar support and makes you sit in a bit of a slouch. Its two-cushion design makes it especially bad when you want to sit in the middle - the preferred audio listening position (so as to be perfectly situated between the main left/right speakers).

So Andrew and I, mostly on a whim, decided to try rearranging our living room to get the couch out of the way and move in our more comfortable chairs. The result, I think, is an improvement:

The couch ended up against the side wall that we had always under-utilized. The real key was that the computer was pulled out and moved to the far corner next to our breakfast table (kind of tucked under the kitchen bar/countertop). That gave us enough room to back John's recliner into position alongside the two POÄNGs.

Andrew's monster subwoofer is still back against the rear wall, but it's got more room to breathe now that it isn't in a valley behind the couch. We'll see if that makes much of a sonic difference.

Eventually we'll have both bar stools along the back wall for faux stadium seating.

Cabling still needs to cross the room but it's reduced from nine lines down to six. The bigger pain is getting a gigabit network cable to the computer in its new spot. I think I'm going to drop a line out of my bedroom window and into the kitchen window. It sounds a little silly but I already have our HD antenna line routing from the roof into my bedroom window, so there's a precedent...


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