Friday, September 08, 2006

Living like a 20-yr-old, Pt 1 - Friday: 8pm-6:30am

Only now, Friday, have I recovered enough to write about my long, crazy weekend.

It started with celebrating Ariel's b-day last Friday. She invited a bunch of her friends to dinner who in turn invited other friends to join us and our nine-person dinner quickly became twenty. Of course everyone was late though so four of us were sitting at a table for twenty with the waitress eyeing us with some resentment.

Eventually everyone shows up and the sake bombs start splashing. After eating a ridiculous amount of food and drinking a ridiculous amount of sake and beer we walk over to Gotham Hall. Ariel suggests shots. Someone orders two rounds of tequila per person. A few minutes later someone (must've been Ariel) calls out for chocolate cake shots. Throw in the gin and tonic I'd already ordered and I'm way past my limit.

My new roommate Chris joins us as does a random British girl, Ruth, that Ariel met in the women's bathroom. The group dances until the club closes down around 2am. Half of the group is too drunk to drive home so we all walk back to my apartment. On the way drunk Manny sprints off for his car; he wants to drive home. Jennifer runs after him to wrestle his keys away from him and wins mad bonus points for being responsible and sober.

Ariel passes out on the couch, Jennifer delivers Manny safe and sound, someone decides to throw Goonies into the DVD player. Jeanine and I both have to stop Manny from running out to his car twice. The second time I warn the exuberantly gay Manny that I'm going to reach into his pants pocket and take his keys. Thankfully the keys are extracted without incident. At some point Chris carries Ariel to the bathroom while she weakly claims to "weigh eight million pounds." Manny ends up sick in Chris' bathroom. Eventually everyone's back in the living room, starting to sober up and somehow Manny and Chris get into an argument about, of all things, Ed Norton. Manny's a total drunk dick and pisses off Chris, showing no gratitude for our hospitality or the fact that he just threw up in Chris' bathroom.

Chris restrains himself from pummelling Manny and instead storms out of the house (this is about 4:30am, mind you). I feel bad because it's ultimately my fault for bringing Manny to our place. So I figure it's time to get everyone outta here so things will be peaceful when Chris returns. Manny claims he's sober enough to drive home. At that point I'm torn between not completely believing him and frankly not caring much for his well-being. I let him go. Ariel's still out on the couch and I agree to drive her home the next morning.

Ariel revives a bit after everyone leaves and we start talking. Chris returns and joins us. Ariel, just by being herself (albeit still drunk), calms Chris down without even trying and basically salvages the night; he's able to go to sleep on a good note.

The house is quiet and everyone's asleep at the not-so-reasonable hour of 6:30am. That would be more than enough for any weekend. Unfortunately (and fortunately) that was just the beginning of my four-day Labor Day weekend.


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