Thursday, February 07, 2008

Guitar: Modest progress so far

I have two minor musical victories to share.

I'm not saying these are earth-shattering performances--I'm not even claiming that they're good!--but considering that I'm starting from nothing, I'm psyched and my progress makes me happy.

listen: "And I Love Her" solo

I know it's a little choppy, but it's getting there. Notice all the fun slides. The solo itself isn't terribly hard but it's very satisfying. The song is even in my vocal range. Good stuff.

listen: "Put Your Lights On" acoustic intro

You'll notice my difficulty in getting into the F chord at the end. I'm working on it. But otherwise this intro is really quite easy and also very satisfying; I actually feel like I'm kinda sorta playing music!

Even though these are both supposed to be acoustic, I was playing my electric and recorded it by plugging my amp into my laptop's line in jack. The sound quality is surprisingly not awful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

where's the video so we can see your scrunched face as you get to "f"? ; ) Also, where's the vocals? I was looking forward (kinda?) to hearing the mad falsetto skills!!

Thu Feb 07, 07:43:00 AM CST  

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