Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Standing up to bullies

My favorite audiophile cable company, bluejeanscable.com, has been accused of patent infringement by consumer grade audio conglomerate Monster Cable.

But first, who is bluejeanscable.com? I'm not sure how I first heard of them, but I quickly came to really like and appreciate bluejeanscable.com for their honesty and pragmatism. With the exception of my custom-made high-end power cables, my entire stereo rig is fitted with cables and interconnects from bluejeanscable.com.

Here's a perfect example of why they're cool: they clearly state that they prefer to use unterminated speaker wire as a preface to their speaker wire termination section. They're not trying to get you to buy everything they can possibly sell you; they offer the products but they give you honest, useful info so that you can make your own informed decision. I respect that.

Their products are high quality, audiophile-grade stuff without any of the smoke and mirrors or snake oil sales pitches. They generally offer mid-range options as well as very high-end options but are completely honest about how much or how little difference you might expect to see.

And so here comes Monster Cable rearing its ugly litigious head.

The bluejeanscable.com folks took a look at Monster's claims and rebutted them with a brilliant, professional, and impeccable analysis.

See the whole story here:


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