Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Tsunami aid, political statement

In a previous rant I complained that the Bush administration was continuing to douse Iraq in money while our tsunami aid package remained among the worst of the leaders of the free world.

I decided that the most appropriate amount for me to donate towards tsunami aid was $300. This is exactly the amount that President Bush unnecessarily sent my way as part of his economic stimulus package. That package of refunds and tax cuts, along with the ill-advised, optional war in Iraq, has run up huge deficits that will take years to pay down.

I didn't want him to give that money back to me. And I do want him to invest more funds into tsunami relief. The answer seemed pretty simple. In one small way I have now corrected one of Bush's mistakes. How many people can make that claim?

As an added benefit my company has made the unusually generous decision to match employee donations for tsunami aid. My $300 has now become $600. I am pleased.


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