Thursday, May 12, 2005

Americans with Idol Disabilities Act

Link: Anthony Federov Knocked Off 'Idol' - Yahoo! News

This AP story is pointless "news" about the latest American Idol developments. What's more noteable is this snippet:

The show, broadcast live from Los Angeles, has been racked by controversy as it winds down to a May 24-25 finale. The latest snafu came after Tuesday's show continued previous "Idol" voting problems.

The dial-in phone number for Underwood was displayed on the closed-captioning for all the contestants, possibly aiding her survival. The correct numbers, however, were shown with on-screen graphics and announced by Seacrest.

A statement issued Wednesday by Fox read, "the producers and network apologize to our hearing-impaired viewers for any confusion..."

Let me get this straight. A show that is ostensibly focused on singing talent has to issue a press release apologizing to hearing-impaired viewers who were trying to call-in?


Blogger CompSci101 said...

The problem, of course, being that the show has absolutely nothing to do with rewarding singing talent. So, the hearing impaired have a case. Just no Johnny Cochran to push it anymore (*sniff* we miss ya, Johnny *sniff*).

And, so you know, the streets were empty in Philly today. Surely, this must be because nobody can handle Federov having been voted off.

Either that, or because it's Philly. A toss up, really.

Fri May 13, 08:35:00 PM CDT  

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