Friday, May 27, 2005

Mann Village theater continues its dominance in LA

The Mann Village has been my favorite theater in LA ever since I arrived here almost four years ago. It's huge, beautiful, and consistently has the best film projection I have ever seen. The sound system is equally impressive, though I'm far less qualified to report on that front.

The theater itself is located in Westwood Village, the cozy well-maintained town surrounding UCLA. Westwood Village, according to one friend, was built for the expressed purpose of hosting major Hollywood movie premieres and it's quite easy to believe that's true. About half of all Hollywood premieres do occur in Westwood Village (though supposed "news" outlets that cover such events always describe the location as Hollywood). The location also has the added bonus of filling the theater with college kids every weekend. If you enjoy the energy of a packed theater on opening night, this is the place to be.

Add to all that a state-of-the-art DLP digital projection system for those (few) movies available in digital. It was installed about four years ago and cemented the Mann Village's status as the best theater in LA - and therefore among the tops in the world ("best" includes not only technical aspects but all the aforementioned as well).

And now there's this tidbit of information - they are one of the few theaters in the country to have upgraded to a 2k projector (a digital projector that matches the resolution of the most demanding high-def standard - 1080p). Just in time to host the LA premiere of Episode III.

This weekend I'll be seeing Episode III again, but for the first time at the Mann Village with its brand new 2k projector. The movie is good, but I expect the projector to be spectacular.

Runner-Up:To its credit, the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood (where I originally saw Episode III in digital) are also quite excellent and well-worth the extra expense (though perhaps not the drive). But the Arclight is more appropriate for high-quality everyday viewings. Event films still deserve the Mann Village treatment.

Link: Ultimate AV: At the Premier: Star Wars Episode III


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