Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Quick Fix

The emailer is back up and running without too much trouble. It did however cost me $20.

In order to host my Websites from my apartment over our new Verizon DSL line I had to go through to deal with my dynamic IP address (normally you assign a domain name to a fixed IP, but when your ISP can change your IP at will you need a dynamic solution). They also offer a service called "Alternate-Port SMTP" which allows you to relay your outgoing mail through their mailserver. Since Verizon won't relay outgoing emails on their servers, this is the only option (other than running my own mail server). And, as the name suggests, if your ISP is blocking the SMTP mail port (25), the no-ip service will skirt the issue by offering a non-standard port through which to send messages (3325).

The service is $20/yr and it's all pretty simple and easy. It adds some long term stability since I shouldn't have to reconfigure my emailer even if I change ISPs or move out of this apartment.

I don't know why I'm particularly proud of the banzaifilms emailer but it always makes me happy to see those auto-generated messages appear in my inbox each week. Well worth $20.


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