Friday, September 08, 2006

Living like a 20-yr-old, Interlude - Saturday afternoon

Driving Ariel home on 3.5 hrs of sleep wasn't actually as bad as it sounds. Coming back home and falling asleep on the living room floor until 2pm was way better than it sounds.

I finally roused myself by remembering that my new HD camcorder had just arrived yesterday and I was all eager to grab some test footage in glorious 1920x1080i HD. And living in Santa Monica, four blocks from the beach means that excellent test material is just a short walk away.

After shooting lots of random scenery, flowers, spider webs, etc I wandered onto Third Street Promenade and walked past a band that featured a lead singer playing the cello with an acoustic guitar accompaniment. I was starving so I kept on going but I really liked what I'd heard them play. It dawned on me as I was gulping down a slice of pizza that I should go back and check them out and see if they'd be cool with me videotaping them.

They were the Ken Oak Band and I bought their very reasonably priced CD on the spot after only hearing one part of the one song when I first walked past them. Ken and Ed were friendly and chill and didn't mind me taping them at all. When they started up again I videoed four songs--all of which were excellent--and were it not for my extreme fatigue, I would have stayed and recorded their entire set.

"Cello rock," as they call their style, is just about perfectly suited to my taste. I love acoustic folk singer/songwriters (e.g. James Taylor) and the cello is possibly the coolest instrument (find Darling Violetta's "Angel" theme song for proof). Ken's voice is a great match for their instrumentation as well. He's an expressive performer and it's really gorgeous to watch him sing and play the cello; the cello itself of course is gorgeous as well.


I couldn't have asked for better material to break in my new camera; spectacular music, great performances, excellent visuals. They were intrigued by the fact that the camera shot HD and I was happy to promise them a copy of the footage on DVD.

I went home all excited to see the footage... and that's where Part 2 picks up.


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