Saturday, December 02, 2006

read: Beach volleyball bikinis shake up Asian Games in Qatar -

see: Beach volleyball bikinis shake up Asian Games in Qatar -

Women's beach v-ball bikinis are totally unnecessarily small, but, frankly that's also part of what makes it one of the best sports on the planet. The games are exciting, the rallies are spectacular, the athleticism is amazing, and--in general--the women are tanned goddesses wearing next to nothing.

And with so many elite-level women's v-ball players coming out of the SoCal beach culture, you just know that an inordinante proportion of them will be gorgeous as well as fit. It's just not fair, really. Rachel Wacholder, you blow my mind.

That all being said, the Iraqi women's team's uniform wasn't really any less alluring. Showing lots of skin is assumed to be sexy, but we shouldn't underestimate the power of skin-tight spandex. Honestly I think Misty May would look sexier in a full-coverate, skin-tight spandex mini-short.

Maybe they should try to handicap the Olympic champions by making May and Walsh play in constricting full-coverage burkas. Eh, they'd still crush the Qataris.


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