Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Oregon State Daily Barometer update

The photo editor of the Barometer did end up writing back to say thanks and to say that the shot worked out great for them. I wasn't really annoyed at the lack of communication in the first place. But it was definitely gripe-worthy.

Though I'd guess I'll still need to rely on my other contact to get a copy of that day's paper.

And to whomever left the comment on that previous post that the photo was an "unbelievable shot", I actually think that particular one was really quite average. Technically sound (though I had to adjust for terrible under-exposure on my part), but not really that exceptional as far as gymnastics photos goes.

I think the shot to the left is worthy of a Sports Illustrated cover and is my favorite gymnastics shot so far. From the NCAA Championships last year. I didn't have a press pass for that meet, but none of those photographers down on the competition floor could have gotten this shot from where they were standing.


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