Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Brit memos no smoking gun; most damaging to Britain herself

Link: From Memos, Insights Into Ally's Doubts On Iraq War

The Washington Post's review of the various documents being leaked out of the British government concerning the lead-up to war in Iraq paint a rather unsurprising picture: The Brits were smart enough to be hesitant about invading and nervous about the Bush administration's approach and eagerness.

There's no smoking gun here, nothing new we couldn't already reasonably guess for ourselves.

The article ends with a quote:

"No doubt from the British point of view Iraq has been a strategic blunder -- not just a mistake, but a mistake that we're still paying for," said Clarke, of King's College. "Still, while no one in government would ever say it, the rationale from the British point of view is that our strategic relationship with the U.S. is more important than any single campaign we fight on its behalf. The basic calculation was: Right or wrong, it is in our interest to stand with the United States." (emphasis added)

So really the only revelation through all of this is that the once-mighty British empire has been reduced to the United States' lapdog. What's worse is that they're not blindly following in blissful ignorance - they know full well what disasters lay ahead. And yet they're such suckers they feel they have no choice but to follow. Bring out the Gimp.


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