Friday, June 10, 2005

Fun for insomniacs

When you can't sleep at 4am, what's a guy to do?

How about this:

It's the Norwegian entry to I have this theory that all those Nordic peoples are attractive folk. Finland especially. And now I kind of have a way of proving it. I figured out how to register - "Kvinner" means "woman", "Mann" means "man", and "brukernavn" means "username".

The hard part was guessing that you have to check a box that's basically the terms of service agreement. "Søk" means "Search". "Jeg er en mann som søker kvinner" means "I am a man searching for a woman" (important to get that one right).

The Norwegians did not disappoint. At least one of them even wrote her profile in English (another bonus for that part of the world - I've noticed beore that the Finns especially seem to learn excellent English). But tragically the system only allows them one photo. What's up with that?

The Swedes lived up to their reputation, though their best offerings weren't necessarily tall and blonde.

Finland started off strangely disappointing, but then came on strong as I paged through more search results. And more of their profiles were written in English. Yeah, I'd definitely like to go to Finland some day.

Denmark fared quite well too. Their language (Dutch?) looks like Norwegian to me.

The search droplist includes every country, so you can hop anywhere you like. I discovered that Slovenians (slavic women are another favorite of mine) all seem to know English. And I wasn't so impressed with South Africa.

Anyway, even this gets boring after a while. But it helps to pass the time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are indeed a freak.
Your friendly neighborhood spider-man.

Tue Jun 21, 02:40:00 PM CDT  

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