Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Random Review: Vincere Sand Socks

First off, apologies for my improper, vernacular use of the word "random". My generation has bastardized and devolved the word into something it was never meant to convey - that of an improbable, unexpected, or completely unforeseen event.

Vincere Sand Socks may seem a little silly, but when you're playing beach volleyball in SoCal sun that heats up the sand to 100+ degrees, there's really no other option. A few friends of mine were the first to get them and I was just as skeptical at first. But when I saw a lot of the pro players at the Hermosa AVP wearing them - including Misty May and Kerri Walsh, I started letting go of my misgivings (for the record most of the AVP players didn't actually play in the socks - they hosed down the courts between games to cool it off).

The socks really kick butt. They get the job done - protecting your feet from the burning sand - and they don't get in your way. During a game you're not conscious of wearing them. What more could you ask for? The smooth Lycra (aka spandex) fabric of the sock adds to the comfort and fit. The fitted rubbery pads built into the sock are flexible enough to conform to your foot while absorbing all the heat.

The cuff is tight enough to keep sand from entering the sock at the ankle, but loose enough that it's still completely comfortable. The finest sand still sifts its way into the sock, but it's not a huge deal. It's more like dust than sand so it doesn't abraid your foot in the sock. About once per hour of playing I'll take the socks off to dump it out.

They seem reasonably durable and should last at least a solid summer or two of intense playing. And at $20 a pair you'll easily get your money's worth. Cleaning is easy - either just rinse off and let dry or rinse then throw in the washing machine. The dryer is probably not recommended for the rubbery insulation pad.

A rare perfect product at an excellent price.


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