Friday, January 14, 2005

EOS-1D has arrived; pics from our first date

Is it sad to compare my first night out shooting with a new camera to a date? Probably. Then again last night certainly went better than my last date (wherein which the phrase "just friends" was uttered). On the other hand that date's tab at the Cheesecake Factory was certainly much cheaper than the 1D's price off eBay...

The camera arrived intact and mostly as described. One of the buttons on the vertical shutter grip was a little mashed and barely functional, but I don't actually need that button anyway.

I was able to plug it into my computer and set the more obscure options (which can only be configured through a IEEE-1394 FireWire connection to a computer). I still don't understand half of the 45+ configuration options, but I got it set up well enough for my novice self.

I roamed around my neighborhood looking for shots, but it was already dark out. The Promenade wasn't even a minor bustle of activity on a Thursday night. But I did still find a few interesting things here and there.

The camera performed very well. The large bright viewfinder was wonderful in that dark evening light. And the new 35mm f/2 finally got itself a decent workout - I was well pleased with the perspective and view that lens offered on the 1D (a 35mm lens on the 1D is equivalent to a 45mm lens due to the 1D's 1.3x crop factor).

The 1D's sensor is definitely less capable than the Digital Rebel's newer CMOS sensor. The nighttime high ISO shots exhibit the 1D's peculiar problem with horizontally-clumped noise. And the drop in resolution from 6.3MP down to 4.2MP is noticeable.

But the 1D handles exceptionally well and its focusing abilities - even in low light - are impressive. Where the Digital Rebel would have struggled the 1D breezes through with panache. It inspires confidence and an odd sense of maturity - you're handling something that, until recently, was the pinnacle of its industry. It exudes quality, durability, and performance.

I am not disappointed.

Next up: Finally getting the 1D out under good lighting conditions at the UCLA diving meet tomorrow afternoon.


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